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Modern, clarity and engagement, some of the key principles needed in Borough Learning's new website. Having developed the brand identity and toolkit, the website was a platform that allowed us to enhance and build on the visual language, using the core shapes of the identity to build text boxes, side bars, icons and patterned backgrounds to create a site that was cohesive but also distinct. Motion icons enhanced the communication of key offerings of Borough learning and brought the site to life. Each page is headed by a different pattern from the visual toolkit, further incorporating the brand identity on this fully customised site.

Visit the website to find out more at boroughlearning.com

Motion icons to add further context to what Borough Learning offers, and bring movement to the webpage.

Over 60 custom designed icons developed from the brand toolkit of key shapes and colours

Custom illustrations in the News section utilizing the wealth of icons to bring a narrative to each article

WIREFRAMES from the planning stage